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The Hope and Promise of President Barack Obama

The Hope and Promise of President Barack Obama


This photograph represents, for me, not only the hope and promise which is inherent in the Presidency of Barack Obama, but also the hopes, dreams, and optimism of the American people and people from around the world.

In Barack Obama, I feel that we have a dynamic, compassionate individual whose wisdom, intelligence, and willingness to listen to others will be essential in confronting the enormous problems that confront America and the entire world. With the support, sacrifice, and work of the American people, it is my hope that President Obama will lead us into a brighter future, one in which people of all colors, races, religions, ethnic origins, and life choices, live in mutual respect. I look to a more peaceful world, one in which the greatness of America is manifest by the elimination of poverty and by the establishment of equal opportunity for all.

The photograph, then, looks toward the future in a very optimistic way, and, therefore, represents the fulfillment of all the hope and promise which is embodied in our new President, Barack Obama.

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