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Former President Clinton Campaigns for Martha Coakley


As I noted below, the Senate race for the seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy here in Massachusetts about as close as it can get, with the election set for Tuesday–just two days away (January 19).   It is Democrat Martha Coakley (currently Attorney General) vs. Republican Scott Brown (currently State Senator)   The tone of the campaign has gotten really heated lately with both candidates flooding the television and radio airwaves with ubiquitous commercials.  Both campaigns are airing incessant attack ads, in addition to ads supporting their own candidates..  On Friday night I went to a Rally for Martha Coakley which featured former President Bill Clinton, a supporter of Mrs. Coakley.   This race has national implications, as Scott Brown has pledged to be the 41st vote in the Senate to kill President Obama’s health care bill.  It is expected, as well, to deny the Senate the 60 votes needed to block a filibuster on all of the items on President Obama’s current and future agenda.  If the Republicans (with a possible 41 votes) are allowed to filibuster, many of Obama’s agenda items may never actually come to a vote.  For this reason, Democrats are pulling out all the stops, with a visit from former President Clinton last Friday night and a visit from President Obama himself yesterday (Sunday) in Boston.  I wish that  I could have attended that one, as well, to get photos of President Obama, but–alas–I had a very important prior commitment, and I firmly believe that commitments must be honored.  

I am posting three photos here from that rally and many more at my flickr site which can be accessed via the photos and link to the far right of this page.  

I have also just begun a NEW WordPress blog  called “This Week With Mitch Grosky.”  This blog will give me the opportunity to reflect and comment on topics ranging from politics, to daily life, to  education, to news, to sports and entertainment–and a whole lot more.   I am saving my political and editorial comments for that post which you can locate at http://thisweekwithmitchgrosky.wordpress.com.  

As for this photo, the data is the following:  Nikon D90, 18-200 VR lens, ISO 3200, focal length of 200mm/300mm, 1/200 sec, f 5.6

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