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Arches National Park's Double Arch in Utah

Arches National Park

This gorgeous double arch at Utah’s Arches National Park was merely a 10-minute hike over medium terrain.  As you can likely tell, I used my circular polarizer to cut glare and haze and to bring out the blue in the sky.
I probably took about 75-100 photos of this double arch, most of them without tourists showing.  I posted this one, however, because I think that the people included (particularly the young lady with arms extended in the lower arch) help to give it a sense of scale.
I don’t mind admitting that it was a bit of a challenge when I decided that I had to experience the feeling of getting way up there inside that arch.  It was quite a climb over solid rock, but I did experience a feeling of triumph, mixed in with trepidation.
When people ask me what was most surprising about my cross-country trip, I often start with mentioning the sheer beauty of those three Utah national parks:  Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion national parks.  Stay tuned for some photos from the latter.
Photo info:  Nikon D200, Nikkor 18-200 VR lens at 18 mm, f 7.0

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