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Rally for Martha Coakley with President Clinton


As those of you who follow U.S. politics know, the Massachusetts race to fill the Senate seat formerly held by the Liberal Lion Ted Kennedy has really heated up in the final week before Tuesday’s election.  Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, the Democrat, is in a virtual tie with Massachusetts State Representative Scott Brown, the Republican.  On Friday night I went to a Rally for Martha Coakley which featured former President Bill Clinton, a supporter of Mrs. Coakley.  Sitting on the stage with Attorney General Coakley are (left to right) U.S. Representative  James P. McGovern of Worcester, U.S. Reprentative Richard Neal of Springfield, and Lt. Governor Timothy P. Murray.  I am posting three photos here from that rally and many more at my flickr site which can be accessed via the photos and link to the far right of this page.  

 I have also just begun a NEW WordPress blog  called “This Week With Mitch Grosky.”  This blog will give me the opportunity to reflect and comment on topics ranging from politics, to daily life, to  education, to news, to sports and entertainment–and a whole lot more.   I am saving my political and editorial comments for that post which you can locate at http://thisweekwithmitchgrosky.wordpress.com

As for this photo, the data is the following:  Nikon D90, ISO 3200, focal length of 42mm/63mm, 1/160 sec, f 6.3

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